We aim at providing high-quality, cost-effective service on reasonable costs. The safety and security issues of our customers are of our prime concern.

Our Service

CCTV and Recording Systems

The real-time CCTV and Security Systems can provide you with security solutions to record and monitor your indoor and outdoor surroundings of the venue including installation, repair and maintenance.

Security Systems

With the provision of the security systems, the alarm will set off when unauthorized entry is detected. The alarm serves as a signal to scare off trespassers while some systems can be connected to the 24-hour security surveillance system.

Door Locks and Attendance Systems

We can provide door lock solutions in terms of card tapping, fingerprints, passcode, face recognition and other biometric sources. The system only allows authorized persons to enter the confined premises to provide security measures for companies and private venues.

Public Address and Intercommunication Systems

The public address system is to be used for making announcement in a designated area, sending out signals to required points.

WiFi Network

We provide provision of WiFi network services or upgrade and repair the existing systems by giving professional recommendations and offering possible solutions, such as setting up of internal network for staff and public network for visitors, with the aim of providing quality internet connection solutions within easy access.

Automatic Doors and Turnstiles

They are mainly used in construction sites, office blocks and buildings for mass entry and exit. The turnstiles would help restrict entries to authorized persons only.

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Work Exemplars

監控中心 – 安裝電視幕牆

監控中心 - 安裝電視幕牆

村落 – 安裝槍球聯動追蹤鏡頭


住宅屋苑 – 安裝車牌識別系統車閘及控制主機

屯門學校 – 安裝可視門禁對講系統

屯門學校 - 安裝可視門禁對講系統

食肆 – 安裝CCTV

食肆 - 安裝CCTV

薄扶林學校 – 移動式熱成像測溫攝像機

薄扶林學校 - 移動式熱成像測溫攝像機